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Rhinoceros + Horse

Imagine yourself sitting in a field and having a picnic. All of a sudden, a big white horse comes towards you. Then you notice a big horn coming out of its head. It's a unicorn.

According to the Wikipedia website, the unicorn is a legendary creature like a horse, but with a slender, usually spiral, horn growing out of its forehead. In popular mythology, unicorns were hunted for their horns, which were said to protect one against diseases.

There are lots of debate about reality of the unicorn. A creature said to possess great powers and pureness, the unicorn has a presence in the mythology of many places around the world. But Where Do They Come From? Different theories circulate as to how the animal came to captivate people and create its place in history.

Chinese Unicorn

Chinese Unicorn

In China, the unicorn was called ki-lin or quilin and it was an omen that all was well with the world, (perhaps the reason why we haven’t seen once in a while).

Unicorn meeting Confucius mother

According to Animal Forum, it is also believed that the unicorn foretold the birth of Confucius, by visiting his pregnant mother in the woods one day and bringing her a piece of jade. The man himself was later reported to having seen the unicorn himself, interpreting it as a message of his impending death.

Japanese Unicorn

Japanese Unicorn

The Japanese call the unicorn Kirin and his likeness is that of a bull with a long shaggy mane. Quite different from most interpretations of this beast, the Japanese unicorn is an animal to be feared, especially if you have guilt in your heart.


India Unicorn

Legend has it. It was a unicorn that saved India from Genghis Khan’s ravaging armies. The tale says that as Genghis Khan prepared to invaded India he was met by a unicorn who knell in front of him. He took this as a sign from the heavens telling him not to attack and turned away.

Unicorn Cave Art

Unicorn Cave Art

Lascaux cave art in southwestern France, (the unicorn is on the left), this is some of the most well known Upper Paleolithic art and dates back to around 14,000 BC. This is a section of around 2000 animal representations in this cave, some of which include horses too.


Bucephalus and Alexander the Great

After that, the first mentions of a unicorn in the western world are in the 3rd and 4th century BC. Aristotle was a believer, as was Alexander the Great who rode the mighty Bucephalus into battle and Julius Caesar who claimed he saw one deep in the forests of Germany. Even Marco Polo was later said to have seen a unicorn the size of an elephant on his many travels to Asia.

Medieval Unicorn

Medieval Unicorn

The unicorn of midieval times is said to be a wild beast which is impossible to tame. In fact the only way to tame one is to lay a virgin maiden as bait and wait until a unicorn wanders along and lays its head in her lap. Although much of the unicorn art that comes from this time depicts the maiden having tricked the unicorn by trapping him for an accomplice to slay. Tales of the mighty unicorn from this time are largely biblical in source and the animal was thought to symbolize Christ himself in many respects.

Everyone wants to believe in the magnificent unicorn. Robert Vavra did a great job to convincing us with his collection pictures of unicorn. While I am browsing internet to find proofs of the unicorn existence, I came across this pictures and this is convinving although I am doubt with it’s validity. If it isn’t real, it is a well done fake.

Whether you believe it or not, be sure to check out this video.

Let's play mix and match. If unicorn is a mix of horse and rhinoceros what will happen if:

1- Human + Butterfly = Fairies

2- Human + Wolf = Warewolf

3- Human + Fish = Mermaid

4- Human + Goat = Faun

5- Human + Horse = ?

Watch this video and you will get the answer.

P/S: I wish to credits Youtube, Google Image and Wikipedia for the videos, images and informations used here.


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i wanna be a fairy!!! x

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You never fail to make me smile with your topics!

I need to see you, so please call me ASAP. Bring journal and be ready to spend an hour to go over your English/grammar etc.

27 April 2010 at 05:31  
Blogger denise ann freeman said...

Hun, need to see your posts for May, where are they?

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